Scientific Advisory Board and Steering Board

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), consisting of 6 internationally leading scientists, will contribute to develop a strategy for the scientific development of the center, facilitating the leadership group to achieve the scientific aims. SAB – is heavily involved in giving advice on implementing appropriate means of actions to fulfil the strategy plan. SAB acts as external advisors to the management of PoreLab.

  • Professor Majid Hassanizadeh, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Utrecht
  • Professor Anna Korre, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College
  • Professor Dani Or, Soil and Terrestrial Environmental Physics, ETH
  • Dr. Pål-Eric Øren, Trondheim
  • Professor Daan Frenkel, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University
  • Professor Daniel Bonn, Van der Waals-Zeeman Instituut, University of Amsterdam

Steering Board

The Steering Board, including members from participating institutions, will oversee that the activity takes place according to the project description. A central task for the Steering Board is also to promote a wider collaboration among the participating Departments, of Physics at NTNU and UiO, and of Chemistry and Petroleum Technology and Applied Geophysics at NTNU.

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