Master projects

The center offers long-term prospects of educational evolution, starting from PoreLabs master program, continuing via a range of PhD-opportunities to more senior researcher roles.
The master program requires a bachelor level background including some thermodynamics and statistical physics and involves teaching both at NTNU and UiO.

The entry course PoreLab Physics (FYS4480) gives the student a solid background to proceed with a master or PhD. After completing the course you will

  • have knowledge of hydrodynamic and thermal transport in porous media
  • have a solid knowledge of the Navier Stokes equation and Darcy’s law, and also such diffusion processes as those described by the Langevin equation and Green-Kubo relations.
  • be able to program lattice Boltzmann models and network models that are used to simulate flows with complex boundaries or reactions.
  • know the theory behind the simulations and a have an understanding of how processes at the small scale may affect processes on a larger scale. This includes percolation theory as it is applied as a model for flow in porous media.

Examples of master degree projects


 Projects in Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, NTNU

 Steady state two phase flow experiments in 3D, UiO

CO2 storage and stability of convection plumes in model aquifers, UiO

Modeling a cyclic granular plug formation process, UiO

Fast deformation and fracturing during fluid injection into a porous reservoir model, UiO

Granular plug dynamics in confined geometry, UiO

Steady state two phase flow in a gravitational field, UiO

From statistical distribution of the two-phase system to the overall permeability, NTNU