Transient immiscible two-phase flow


We study transient phenomena in porous media, particularly the elaxation behavior before the system reaches a steady-state and the crossover length and times associated with the different forces involved.

Understanding how different short (e.g. capillary forces) and long range (e.g. viscous forces) act in different flow regimes and the specific scaling followed by the Two-phase flow involved (often fractal) is crucial to a successful upscaling of the results This is necessary to bridge the gap between laboratorial experiments and industrial or environmental applications. A thorough experimental investigation is necessary to predict the structure and transition between different regimes both in 2D and 3D. In particular, very few experiments have been performed to study transient phenomena in 3D, due to the natural difficulty to observe the flows. We will investigate non-trivial fluid invasion mechanisms such as corner and film, which are bound to occur in the larger time scales of importance for industrial and geological applications.

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