Toshiyuki Nohira, Professor, Institute of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Japan. 15.09.17

Thomas Ramstad, Seniorforsker, Statoil Forskningssenter, Norway. 15. 09.17

Pedro Neta, M. Sc. Student, Univresity of Lisbon, Portugal. Visiting period: 14.07.17-11.09.17

Purusattam Ray, Professor, Institute for Mathematical Science, Chennai, India. Visiting period: 14.07.17-14.09.17

Ellen Nordgård Hansen, Senior Scientist, Teknova, Kristiansand. 14.09.17

Fridtjov Ruden, Geologist, Ruden AS. 04.09.17

Talks given by visitors

Purusattam Ray: Discrete to Continuum: Renormalization Approach to the Fibre-Bundle Model. Institute for Mathematical Science, Chennai, India. 13. September 2017.

Thomas Ramstad: Enhanced Value from Digital Core Images and Models. Statoil. 15. September 2017.

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