Kick-off for SFF “Porous media Laboratory” (PoreLab)

The new Center of Excellence “Porous media Laboratory” (PoreLab) had its kick-off meeting, its first international workshop, at the historical Soria Moria hotel in Oslo from 6th to 8th September 2017.

High ambitions

The vision for PoreLab is ambitious and high risk. It addresses fundamental scientific questions in a field which, historically, have been dedicated to specific applications. The center focuses on the physics of porous media using experimental, theoretical and computational methods. It is led by scientists from physics, chemistry and reservoir engineering.

The PoreLab team is now seeking to bring the field to a new general level, creating possibilities to solve new applications, and to anchor the foundation of PoreLab nationally and internationally by assembling the best scientists in the field.

The Center Director, Professor Alex Hansens welcome address:

Here is how I see it: after ten years, I need to be able to look 250 average taxpayers in the eyes and tell them “What we did was worth every penny you have paid in taxes for the last ten years.”  My aim is to be able to look them in the eyes with pride. Center Director Alex Hansen.


The PoreLab team and co-workers. . Foto: Marie-Laure Olivier

Building the platform for years to come
The workshop presented the foremost scientific circles from academia and industry with an opportunity to meet, and develop research interests. Lectures in various disciplines of porous media were given by national and international invited speakers, followed by poster sessions.

The goal is to build the platform for years to come and lay the foundation for the assignment: to advance the understanding of flow in porous media.

The PoreLab kick off workshop was led by the Center vice Director, Professor Knut Måløy, and was opened by the Center Director, Professor Alex Hansen.

Center director Alex Hansen (in front), with Morten Dæhlen (to the left), Dean at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo, and Øyvind Gregersen, Dean at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, NTNU.  Foto: Marie-Laure Olivier



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