Øivind Wilhelmsen is awarded the Research Council of Norway’s 2018 Prize for Young Research Scientists.

Wilhelmsen and his colleagues focus their research work on what occurs on and along surfaces, and how surficial properties can be exploited both in current and future technologies. This field will have major significance for the development of tomorrow’s energy systems. The results of the research carried out by Wilhelmsen and his colleagues will be used in industrial projects involving energy efficient hydrogen liquefaction.

Surfaces of this type are also found in nature. Wilhelmsen has participated in investigating why Arctic reindeer become more energy efficient as they get colder. The explanation lies in the unique high surface area structure of a reindeer’s snout. This research has attracted a lot of international attention. Read the article here.

Øyvind Wilhelmsen speaking this week at a seminar held at the Chemical Process Technology Institute at Imperial College, London. His subject addressed the technical challenges linked to the liquefaction of hydrogen and the need for more accurate thermodynamic descriptions of the cooling media required for this process. Photo: Private source.

Read more about Øivind Wilhelmsen on sintef.com.

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