1st PoreLab Junior Forum

Lab tour: experiments on a circular Hele-Shaw cell with a non-deformable porous medium.

The 1St PoreLab Junior Forum took place in the Physics Department, University of Oslo, in March 8th and 9th. The main goal of the forum was to bring together the community of PhDs, PostDocs and early career researchers of PoreLab into a single venue, with the objective of allowing them to better know each other personally and share their respective work/scientific interests. The Forum was divided in 2 days, the main event with presentations and posters happening on the first day and a lab tour happening on the second.

The importance of such a forum is particularly stressed in the case of PoreLab, since the center is physically divided in two local hubs, Oslo and Trondheim. It is very important to make it clear, particularly to the newest members, that although the center has two physical locations, it is indeed a single center, and collaboration between the groups should not be stopped due to the physical distance. The Junior Forum helped to create the feeling of a single united center. Very explicitly, new collaboration opportunities between NTNU and UiO members have already started as a result of the Forum.

On the second day everybody was invited to a Lab tour of the facilities of the Physics Department in Oslo. The following experiments were presented:

  1. Viscous fingering in a circular Hele-Shaw cell with a fixed porous medium.
  2. Capillary fingering and viscous fingering in a rectangular Hele-Shaw cell with a fixed porous medium.
  3. Plug formation in frictional porous media flows in a cylindrical confinement.
  4. Dissolution patterns in a circular Hele-Shaw cell in a deformable porous medium.

The lab tour was very well received by the participants. In particular, some of the PhDs and postdocs who work on the simulation of similar geometries (network models and molecular dynamics) found much interest in having direct contact with the real systems related to their work.


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