The Computational Sciences Research Center from Beijing visited PoreLab in Trondheim and Oslo in June this year


A delegation of nine visiting professors from the Beijing Computational Research Science Center (CRSC) visited PoreLab in Trondheim between June the 18th and 20th. They were visiting as well our colleagues from the Center of Excellence QuSpin.

A workshop opened for all was organised on June the 19th. Here is the agenda:

Kick off. Fra venstre Asle Sudbø, Hai-Qing Lin, Alex Hansen og Arne Brataas (sistnevnte leder for Quspin) under fagseminaret på NTNU. (Foto: Tode Oksholen)



Professor Asle Sudbø (QuSpin), Professor Hai-Qing Lin (CSRC Beijing), Professor Alex Hansen (PoreLab) and Professor Arne Brataas (QuSpin)




The chinese delegation travelled then to Oslo to meet our PoreLab group at the University of Oslo on June 21 and 22 2018.

The welcome speech was given by the UiO vice-chancellor Åse Gornitzka.  The guests, led by the director Hai-Qing Lin, presented a plethora of opportunities for young scientists  and expressed an intention of strengthening the existing collaboration.  They were also interested in learning more about the activities and the scope of Porelab.

Prof. Eirik Grude Flekkøy and prof. Alex Hansen, who holds a part time position at CSRC, see significant potential for future joint work as well.  This visit has also sparked the interest of other Porelab members, who were less familiar with CSRC and the research possibilities there.

The CSRC delegation also visited prof. Knut Jørgen Måløy’s laboratories and were introduced to the experimental work carried out at Porelab Oslo


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