Visitor to PoreLab – Welcome to Professor Natalya Kizilova!


Professor Natalya Kizilova from the Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, is visiting PoreLab Trondheim during 3 months starting 01.10.2018. She will be giving a talk about “Biological Networks: Principles of Design, Local and Global Optimization” on October the 3rd during our group meeting.

Here is the abstract for her presentation:

“The main regularities in design of natural transportation networks (arterial and respiratory systems in animals, vasculatures in plant leaves, fluid flow systems in sponges, etc.) are discussed based on statistical analysis of the measurement data. The relationships for the diameters and branching angles of the conducting elements in bifurcations correspond very well to the design of optimal pipeline providing minimal energy expenses for the flow accounting for the metabolic costs. Possible biological mechanisms of development such optimal systems during the evolution are discussed, and possible technological applications are proposed”.

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