Welcome to PoreLab Oslo James and Louison!

In September Louison Thorens and James Matthew Campbell joined us at PoreLab Oslo, and we are happy to have them here with us!
Louison will be doing his Ph.D. with us and will stay at PoreLab Oslo for the whole period of his Ph.D. program. He comes from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, in France, and is doing his Ph.D. in a collaboration between PoreLab and the Laboratoire de Physique in Lyon. He was a member of the winning team at the French Championship in Physics in 2017. The team came in the fourth place at the International Physicist’s Tournament in 2017. His work at PoreLab will be on the effect of tunable interactions inside deformable porous media. In order to do so, he will first revisit the different pattern formation experiments by using beads with magnetic properties.
James is our new postdoctoral researcher who previously worked at The University of Leeds and also Swansea University. He studies complex pattern formation in two- and three-phase flows involving granular media, with an experimental focus, but he also has a strong interest in computational pattern analysis. Particular projects include erosion-deposition processes in fluids flowing over granular beds, pneumatic fracturing of granular packings, and structures of granular labyrinths and other branching patterns. He works with Knut Jørgen Måløy and Eirik Flekkøy in Oslo, and Bjørnar Sandnes in Swansea.
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