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Christmas seminar at PoreLab Oslo

The Oslo hub of PoreLab finished its 2017 series of seminars with a special Christmas talk by Marcel Moura last Wednesday, 13th of December, at the University of Oslo. The talk included a direct measurement of the surface tension of gløgg (non-alcoholic gløgg has a much higher surface tension than the alcoholic counterpart), a very

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Cooperative Agreement Signed between Beijing Computational Science Research Center and the University of Oslo

On November 21, the Director of the Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC), Prof. Hai-Qing Lin, and Prof. Eirik Grude Flekkøy, University of Oslo, signed a Cooperative Agreement for academic exchange and collaboration. The pictures show the ceremonial signature of our agreement. CSRC is a multidisciplinary fundamental research organization under the auspices of the Chinese

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PoreLab welcomes researcher Renaud Toussaint

It gives us great pleasure to announce Renaud Toussaint, University of Strasbourg, as a new member of the centre, where he will hold a researcher II position. His background is originally on theoretical physics, with through the years interests shifting towards complex systems in earth science, and the addition of computational techniques and experimental work

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IUPAP’s General Assembly

The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics is in some sense the “Physics United Nations.”  Alex Hansen is participating at the triannual General Assembly (October 9-13, 2017) in Sao Paulo as outgoing vice president at large.  IUPAP President Bruce McKellar has just written this article for Physics Today describing what IUPAP is doing: Commentary: International

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InterPore Newsletter

InterPore Newsletter 2017 introduce PoreLab as the newest institutional members of Interpore. InterPore offers institutional membership to academic institutes, national labs, or industrial companies. Currently, InterPore has more than 45 institutional members (see PoreLab is now an institutional member, even though it is not a university or national lab.

The Journal Club

In the regular Journal Club of the PoreLab, we discuss recent articles chosen and presented by one of its members. The journal articles may be from any field, providing us with a window into the rest of the research world. Typically, each participant can voice their view relating to several questions such as the appropriateness

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