1. Toshiyuki Nohira, Professor, Institute of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Japan. 15.09.17
  2. Thomas Ramstad, Seniorforsker, Statoil Forskningssenter, Norway. 15. 09.17
  3. Pedro Neta, M. Sc. Student, Univresity of Lisbon, Portugal. Visiting period: 14.07.17-11.09.17
  4. Purusattam Ray, Professor, Institute for Mathematical Science, Chennai, India. Visiting period: 14.07.17-14.09.17
  5. Ellen Nordgård Hansen, Senior Scientist, Teknova, Kristiansand. 14.09.17
  6. Fridtjov Ruden, Geologist, Ruden AS. 04.09.17
  7. Alexander Mikkelsen, Dr, Institute of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland,  Visiting period: 23.10.17-27.10.17
  8. Zbigniew Rozynek, Dr, Institute of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland,  Visiting period: 23.10.17-24.10.17
  9. Khobaib Khobaib, PhD student,  Institute of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland,  Visiting period: 23.10.17-26.10.17
  10. Steven Holdcroft, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Canada.  Visiting period: 06.11.17-09.11.17
  11. Osvanny Ramos Rosales, Professor, Claude Bernard University, Lyon.  Visiting period: 08.11.17-14.11.17
  12. Stephane Sanrucci, CNRS researcher, Laboratorie de Physique, ENS Lyon. Visiting period: 08.11.17-15.11.17
  13. Laurent Talon. Researcher. Laboratory FAST (Fluides, Automatique et Systèmes Thermiques). Visiting period: 27.02.18-01.03.18
  14. Daniel Barragan. researcher. National University of Colombia.  Visiting period: 31.03.18-05.05.18
  15. Sergey Abaimov. Assistant Professor. Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. Visiting period: 03.04.18-10.04.18
  16. Santanu Sinha. Beijing Computational Science research Center, Visiting period: 11.06.18-11.07.18
  17. Ignacio Iturrioz. Associated Professor in the mechanical department of the UFRGS. Argentina. Visiting period: 11.07.18-13.07.18
  18. Ali Telmadarreie, Ph.D. CERC Research Associate-EOR. Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. University of Calgary. Visiting period: 18.06.18-05.07.18
  19. Tamio Ikeshoji, Professor, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan. Visiting period: 16.08.2018.
  20. María Barragán Garciá, Professor, Department of Applied Physics, Compluence University of Madrid, Spain. Visiting period: 27.08 – 03.09.2018
  21. Antoine Léo Turquet, Dr., Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, Université de Strasbourg, EOST, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Strasbourg, France. Visiting period: 03.09.2018 – 10.09.2018
  22. Jingya Zhang, PhD student, College of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China. Visiting period: 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2019
  23. Ryan Armstrong, Senior lecturer, UNSW, School of Petroleum Engineering, Sydney, Australia, 03.09.2018
  24. Natalya Kizilova, Professor, Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. 01.10.2018 – 01.01.2019
  25. Koji Amezawa, Professor Dr., Laboratory of Solid State Ionic Devices (Amezawa Laboratory), Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tokohu University, Japan, 08.10.2018
  26. Yasuhiro Fukunaka, Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan, 08.10.2018
  27. Yuta Kimura, Ass. Prof. Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, 08.10.2018
  28. Hironori Nakajima, Assistant Professor, Hydrogen Utilization Engineering, department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan, 08.10.2018
  29. Satoshi Nishimura, Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Field Engineering for the Environment, Hokkaido University, Japan, 16.10.2018
  30. Erika Eiser, Professor, Reader in Soft Matter Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK. 18-22 October 2018
  31. Bjørnar Sandnes, Ass. Professor, Swansea University, UK. 29-30 October 2018
  32. Tanguy Le Borgne, Professor, Geosciences, University of Rennes, France, 9-16 November 2018
  33. Janett Prehl, Research assistant, Group of computational Physics, Fakultät für Naturwissenschaften, Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany, 13 – 20 November 2018
  34. Steven Bryant, Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Materials Engineering for Unconventional Oil Reservoirs, 14-15 November 2018
  35. Marie Macquet, Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Geosciences, University of Calgary, 14-15 November 2018
  36. Somayeh Goodarzi, Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Geosciences, University of Calgary, 14-15 November 2018
  37. Ali Telmadarreie, CERC Research Associate, University of Calgary, 14-15 November 2018
  38. Ellen Liu, Master student, University of Calgary, 14-15 November 2018
  39. Riccardo Rurali, Deputy Director, Theory and Simulation Department, Materials Science Institute of Barcelona (ICMAB–CSIC), Spain, 21 November 2018
  40. Wojciech Debski, Professor, department of Theoretical Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 18 January 2019
  41. Francis Mujica Urbina, graduate student, Department of Earth Sciences, Memorial University of Newfounland, Canada, 17 January – 21 March 2019
  42. Alain Gibaud, Professor, Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans, Université du Maine, UMR CNRS, Le Mans, France: 22.01.2019 – 03.02.2019
  43.  Phil Vardon, Professor, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, TU-Delft: 24 January 2019
  44.  Marios Valavanides, Associate Professor, department of Civil Engineering, University of West Attica, Greece: 28.01.2019 – 30.01.2019
  45. Miguel Rubi, Professor of Condensed Matter Physics in the Department of Fundamental Physics at the University of Barcelona, and Honorary doctor from NTNU: 01.02.2019 – 01.02.2020
  46. Shidong Li, Scientist, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES), Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore: 15.02.2019
  47. Santanu Sinha. Beijing Computational Science research Center, Visiting period: March to May 2019
  48. Verónica Pérez Chávez, Professor, CETYS University, México: March 2019 – March 2020
  49. Fabien Georget, Scientist and lecturer, Construction Materials Laboratory, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland: 7 and 8 March 2019
  50. Khalil Ferjaoui, PhD candidate, Construction Materials Laboratory, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland: 7 and 8 March 2019
  51. Diego Kingston, PhD candidate, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina: 14 March 2019 – 17 May 2019
  52. Othon Moutos, Assistant Professor, Engineering Thermodynamics, Process & Energy Laboratory, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands: 14 and 15.03.2019
  53. Mate Erdos, PhD student, Engineering Thermodynamics, Process & Energy Laboratory, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands: 14 and 15.03.2019
  54. Thijs Vlugt, Professor and Chair Engineering Thermodynamics, Process & Energy Laboratory, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands: 15.03.2019
  55. Benoit Cordonnier, Researcher, Section of Physics of Geological processes, UiO: 18-24 Mars 2019
  56. Giulio Fossati, Master student in Nuclear Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italia: 19 Mars 2019 – September 2019
  57. Patrick Huber, Prof. Dr. rer. nat., Institute of Materials Physics and Technology, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany: 20.03.2019

Talks given by visitors 

Purusattam Ray: Discrete to Continuum: Renormalization Approach to the Fibre-Bundle Model. Institute for Mathematical Science, Chennai, India. 13. September 2017.

Thomas Ramstad: Enhanced Value from Digital Core Images and Models. Statoil. 15. September 2017

Tamio Ikeshoji: “Non-equilibrium and electrochemical simulations from Classical MD to First-Principles MD”. 16 August 2018

Ryan Armstrong: “Topological characterisation of multiphase flow“. 03.09.2018

Natalya Kizilova: “Biological Networks: Principles of Design, Local and Global Optimization“. 03.10.2018

Koji Amezawa​: “Operando 3-dimensional observation of reaction distribution in composite positive electrode for bulk-type all-solid-state lithium ion secondary batteries by using CT-XAFS“. 08.10.2018.

Satoshi Nishimura: “Renewed approach in soil mechanics laboratory to frozen soils within THM framework“, 16.10.2018

Erika Eiser: “Microrheology of DNA hydrogels“. 22.10.2018

Professor Steven Bryant: “Three Reasons I No Longer Understand Two-Phase Flow”. 14.11.2018

Professor Steven Bryant: “White knights and Dark Knights: prospects for Climate Stabilization via Negative Emissions”. 15.11.2018

Professor Wojciech Debski: “Time Reversal method, from mathematical principles to waveform analysis applications”. 18.01.2019

Professor Phil Vardon: “Material point method and application to granular materials”. 24.01.2019

Associate Professor Marios Valavanides: “Recent advances in the DeProF theoretical framework for two-phase flows in porous media – where we stand and where we could go”. 28.01.2019

Professor Alain Gibaud: “Small angle x-ray analysis of mesoporous silica thin films” 29.01.2019

Professor Miguel Rubi: “Entropic effects in particle transport through porous media”. 27.02.2019

Benoit Cordonnier, “Investigation of porous rocks under X-ray and neutron sources”. 19.03.2019

Professor Patrick Huber: “Soft Matter in Nanoporous Media: From Nanoscale Physics to Metamaterials’ Science“. 20.03.2019

Associate Professor Marios Valavanides: “Two-phase flow in porous media: Validation, development, evolution and practical applications of the DeProF theoretical framework“. 25.04.2019

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