The grand opening of PoreLab

PoreLab’s first international workshop was held in Oslo from 6th to 8th September 2017. Lectures in various disciplines of porous media was given by national and international invited speakers, followed by poster sessions.

The PoreLab kick off workshop was led by professor and Center vice Director, Knut Måløy, and e opened by the Director Alex Hansen.

PoreLab Kick-off meeting program (PDF)

The presentations:

Alex Hansen, Center Director, welcome address

Porous media, statistical physics and thermodynamics

Steady states in porous flows

Porous structures and flow in rocks and soil

Imaging and flow characterization

  • Geir Helgesen (IFE) Electrokinetic response of porous media
  • Pål-Eric Øren (Petricore DRS) Multiscale digital rock analysis
  • Ståle Fjeldstad (Thermo Fischer Scientific) Thermo Fisher Scientfic Digital Rock Products and R&D
  • Dag Dysthe (UiO) Microfluidic Lab.
  • Dag Werner Breiby (NTNU) Quantitative 3D imaging of porous materials

Patterns in porous media

  • Bjørnar Sandnes (Swansea Univ.) Patterns of the gas-liquid-grain interface
  • Joachim Mathiesen (NBI, Copenhagen) Permeability fluctuations in two-phase porous flow
  • Santucci Stéphane (ENS Lyon) Foam flow in model fracture
  • Dani Or (ETH Zurich) Pore scale view of fluid displacement fronts in porous media

Complex surface effects

Industrial challenges

You can see pictures from the workshop here.

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