Research Theme 6: Microfluidics and field studies

Develop new methods for determination of wettability in porous media from pore scale images. Establish experimental support for the multi-phase flow theories developed in WP1 by pore scale imaging of flow. Characterize multiphase flow for various characteristics of porous media, including pore structure and wetting states, and their relations to trapping.

Figure: Testing flooding efficiency; Oil (dark purple) trapped after water flooding (light purple) in a 2D glass micromodel. Picture courtesy: Georg J. B. Voss. Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU


Wettability has a first order effect on multi-phase flow and trapping in porous media. However, wettability in complex porous media is not well described and the protocols of wetting state measurements are too simple to be fully descriptive for two-phase flow. Measurements of the contact angle on a substrate or the wettability index in spontaneous imbibition and centrifuge experiments do not provide good predictability for description of two-phase flow in porous media.

In this work package we will develop several methods (experimental and numerical) for wettability characterization, including direct image analysis and a thermodynamic approach based on pore scale observations of changes in fluid distribution versus applied work. We propose to study phase distribution and multi-phase flow properties as a function of wettability, pore structure and fluid-solid interactions, starting from glass bead packs imaged by micro-CT and glass micro-models or lab-on-chip microfluidics. The focus will be to understand pore scale fluid-phase distribution and trapping under different wettability, pore structure and mobility conditions. The learning from the developed methods and observations will be extended to two-phase flow experiments in various natural and industrial porous media.


Elucidation and determination of the role of wettability in determining the macroscopic flow properties.

New methods for wettability characterization and determination.

Experimental support for statistical mechanics description of multi-phase flow in homogeneous porous material


Principal Investigator Research Theme 6: Carl Fredrik Berg.

Antje van der Net, Eirik Grude Flekkøy, Alex Hansen, Signe Kjelstrup, Dick Bedeaux, Knut Jørgen Måløy, Dag Breiby

Per Arne Slotte.

Hamidreza Erfani Gahrooei, Hamid Hosseinzade Khanamiri, Rasoul Khaledialidust, Haili Long-Sanouiller.

Reza Haghanihasanabadi, Mohammad Hossein Golestan, Morten Vassvik, Reidun Cecilie Grønfur Aadland, Alberto Luis Bila, Bahador Najafiazar, Salem Akarri

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