Open meetings with all the Centre’s researchers are held weekly and, in addition, there are ample opportunities for scholarly engagement within the Centre through seminars and research workshops.

PoreLab Lecture series

The PoreLab Lecture series are held every wednesday from 09:00 to 10:00 in D3-160 in Realfagbygget. Everyone are welcome to join and contribute, remember to subscribe to receive e-mails about these seminars. Subscription: Send an e-mail to Magnus Aashammer Gjennestad at NTNU or Guillaume Dumazer at UiO. The series are held simultaneously in Oslo and Trondheim.

  • June 13 professor Bjørn Hafskjold, NTNU.  “Entropy production in shock waves”
  • May 30 Professor Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron, “Phase transitions in models of opinion dynamics”
  • April 11th Benoit Loranger, NTNU, “Frozen soil”
  • March 21th Kristian Olsen, UIO. “Anomalous diffusion on deformed trees”
  • March 7th Alex Hansen, NTNU. Renormalization Group Approach to Fracture
  • February 21th Le Xu, UiO. Experimental Observation of Dissolution Finger Growth in Radial Geometry“.
  • February 14th Eivind Bering, NTNU. “Fully atomistic simulations of polymeric fiber bundles
  • February 7th Guillaume Dumazer, UiO. “When dense suspensions are getting denser“.
  • January 10th Jonas Tøgersen Kjellstadli, NTNU. “Local load sharing in the fiber bundle model“.
  • December 6th Astrid Fagertun Gunnarshaug, NTNU. “Single Electrode Entropy Change for LiCoO2 Electrodes“.
  • November 29th Srutarshi Pradhan, NTNU. “Introduction to fiber budle models“.
  • November 22th Øivind Wilhelmsen, NTNU. “The influence of curvature on the surface tension of multicomponent droplets and bubbles“. In addition Jianying He will lecture on “Atomistic insights into the nanofluids transport through ultra-confined capillary“.

More Lectures here

The PoreLab Journal Club

The PoreLab Journal Club is a club where we meet every Tuesday at 14:00 to discuss papers within the topic of porous media, chosen and presented by one of its members. All are welcome, and feel free to propose paper to discuss by contacting the administrator Mathias Winkler.

Typically, each participant can voice their view relating to several questions such as the appropriateness of the research design, the statistics employed, the appropriateness of the controls that were used, etc. There might be an attempt to synthesize together the results of several papers, even if some of these results might first appear to contradict each other. Even if the results of the study are seen as valid, there might be a discussion of how useful the results are and if these results might lead to new research or to new applications. The series are held simultaneously in Oslo and Trondheim.


Workshops, seminars, and short courses

  1. Deformation, flow and fracture of disordered materials
  2. 1st National Workshop of Norwegian Chapter of InterPore
  3. The grand opening of PoreLab

Guest lectures

  • Fridtjov Ruden. Ruden AS. 9/4/2017
  • Pedro Neta. M.Sc. Student. University of Lisbon, Portugal. 14.07.2017-11.09.2017
  • Ellen Nordgård Hansen. Senior scientist. Teknova. 14-Sep 2017
  • Toshiyuki Nohira. Professor. Institute of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Japan. 9/15/2017
  • Alexander Mikkelsen. Dr. Institute of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland. 23.10.2017-27.10.2017
  • Zbigniew Rozynek. Dr.  Institute of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland. 23.10.2017-24.10.2017
  • Khobaib Khobaib. Phd student. Institute of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland. 23.10.2017-26.10.2017
  • Steven Holdcroft. Professor. Dept. of chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Canada,  6.11.2017-9.11.2017
  • Osvanny Ramos Rosales. Professor. Claude Bernard University,  Lyon. 08.11.2017-14.11.2017
  • Stephane Sanrucci. CNRS Researcher. Laboratorie de Physique, ENS Lyon. 08.11.2017-15.11.2017
  • Purusattam Ray: Discrete to Continuum: Renormalization Approach to the Fibre-Bundle Model. Institute for Mathematical Science, Chennai, India. 14.07.2017-14.09.2017
  • Thomas Ramstad: Enhanced Value from Digital Core Images and Models. Statoil. 15. September 2017.


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