Research Themes of PoreLab

The mission of PoreLab is to advance the understanding of flow in porous media, both at a fundamental level and in applications. Starting from a basis in physics we aim for a better description of flow that range from geological to biological and technological.

Our objective is to link together observations of how fluids behave at the pore scale with a proper description of flow in porous media at much larger scales – the scales that typically are relevant for applications. In other words, our aim is to construct a large-scale theory for flow in porous media based on the detailed physics at the pore level. To achieve this, we combine hydrodynamics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical physics using theoretical, computational, and experimental methods. 

PoreLab’s research has been organised in seven Research Themes lead by the Principal Investigators (PIs). Read more about each Research Theme and our laboratory facilities under:

Drying pattern: Pattern formed in a drying process where a mixture of grains and fluid (blue area) between 2 glass plates is invaded by air (black area)