Thermodynamics of flow in porous media

We are seeking a description of two- or one-phase flow across porous media that obeys the balance laws, including the entropy balance on the macroscopic level.

The overall description is obtained by integrating over properties at the pore level, using for instance by using an ensemble distribution function, see Savani et al. PRE 95 023116 (2017) Ensemble distribution for immiscible two-phase flow.

Pure water can be produced at elevated pressures, when a thermal driving force acts across a nanoporous hydrophobic membrane. Keulen et al. describes this in J. Membr. Sci. 524 (2017) 151

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Selected articles from 2017

  1. E.G. Flekkoy, S.R. Pride and R. Toussaint “Onsager symmetry from mesoscopic time reversibility and the hydrodynamic dispersion tensor for coarse-grained systems Phys. Rev. E 95 (2017)