11th Annual Meeting InterPore on 6-10 May 2019 in Valencia, Spain

PoreLab was largely represented at the 11th annual meeting of the International Society for Porous Media (InterPore) on 6-10 May 2019 in Valencia this year.

A book of abstracts from the conference is available here.

The 12th International Conference on Porous Media and Annual Meeting of InterPore is going to be held 25-28 May 2020 in Qingdao, China, and organized by China University of Petroleum (East China) Internet site for the 12th Annual meeting InterPore in Qingdao here


From left to right: Dr. Subhadeep Roy, Dr. Marcel Moura, PhD candidate Marco Sauermoser, Dr. Mathias Winkler, PhD candidate Astrid Gunnarshaug, PhD candidate Eivind Bering, Professor Signe Kjelstrup, Dr. Srutarshi Pradhan, PhD candidate Olav Galteland, Professor Alex Hansen, PhD candidate Kim Kristiansen, Professor Emeritus Dick Bedeaux and Dr. Santanu Sinha


PhD candidates Kim Kristiansen and Olav Galteland


Professor Emeritus Dick Bedeaux, Dr. Srutarshi Pradhan and PhD candidate Marco Sauermoser


PhD candidate Astrid Gunnarshaug and MSc student Simon Solberg


Dr. Srutarshi Pradhan and Associate Professor Marios Valavanides

MSc student Simon Solberg and Professor Signe Kjelstrup



PhD candidate Astrid Gunnarshaug. PhD candidate Magnus Gjennestad, Researcher Srutarshi Pradhan and Post-doc researcher Subhadeep Roy present their posters