19 May 2022: Researcher Marcel Moura participated to the opening of the SCI-ART center in Timisoara, Romania

POROUS MATTER. Void fractions in materials, ideas and society” is a collaboration between the META Spațiu contemporary art gallery in Timișoara, Romania, the Polytechnic University in Timișoara and PoreLab (see page 62). The Polytechnic University of Timișoara and the artistic organization META Spațiu have joined forces in creating a flagship cultural center, MV Sci&Art, that opened its doors to the public on May 19, 2022. The MV Sci&Art center is a cultural center and contemporary art gallery that will focus on the promotion and integration between scientists and artists. It has three main directions: a contemporary art gallery, a Sci&Art incubator, and a multi-media dynamic cultural events program. This center is a premier, not only for Timisoara but also for Romania, by its aims to support collaborations between science and art at the university level and bring together professionals from both spheres.

Marcel Moura, researcher at PoreLab, attended the opening of the centre and gave an interview for the occasion. He was interviewed by Mihaela Ghiță from Radio Romania Cultural