PoreLab UiO celebrates their new offices

“On September 27, 2019, PoreLab UiO celebrated their new offices with a small «housewarming» party. When PoreLab was established as an SFF at UiO, it was decided that they would have their own office space on the 3rd floor of the West Wing of the Physics building, Sem Sælands vei 24. The renovation and preparation of these offices began in January 2019 and were completed in mid-June 2019. In the meantime, PoreLab shared offices with the PGP group on the 4th floor of the Physics building.
The new PoreLab office space has a nice reception area and a comfy kitchen. The offices are a mix of individual offices for the administrative coordinator and professors, and shared offices for researchers, postdocs, PhDs and some master students. In addition, there are two seminar rooms: Room 313, named Celsius, fits 10+ people, and is used for meetings and small workshops; room 316, Kelvin, fits up to 40 people and is used for teaching, seminars and conferences. Kelvin is also equipped with a video conferencing system, which will eventually allow for seamless transfer of seminars, conferences and joint teaching between UiO and NTNU.
Project leader for the refurbishment was Kathrine Schou, UiO, while Siri Olsen, from the consultant firm STEMA, coordinated the renovation work and procurement of furniture.
Group leaders Knut Jørgen Måløy and Eirik Grude Flekkøy, are very happy with the new offices, which are feeling more and more like home.”
Hedda Susanne Molland, Coordinator for PoreLab UiO and Njord center
Professor Knut Jørgen Måløy opens the party
Knut Jørgen Måløy. Eirik Grude Flekkøy, Professors at the department of Physics, UiO and Morten Dæhlen, Dean at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UiO

Reception area
The new shared offices
The office of Eirik Grude Flekkøy
Seminar room, “Kelvin”, for up to 40 people, equipped with a video conferencing system