Science is Art, Art is Science


Welcome to PoreLab virtual gallery exhibition: “The Art of Porous Media”!

Beauty can be found in the most ordinary of things. Some of the greatest scientists that ever lived endorse this viewpoint. Richard Feynman, in one of his many strokes of pure genius boldly spoke about the several layers of beauty that he – a curious observer of reality – could see in a flower. His “Ode to a Flower” is filled to the brim with the scientific and aesthetic joy. When scientists turn to art, they do not turn away from the study of reality. Albert Einstein himself once said “The greatest scientists are artists as well“. 
At PoreLab, the Porous Media Laboratory, we are lucky enough to work in a field in which one really does not need to look too much to find aesthetically pleasing images. Everything is beautiful if you look closely and carefully enough. Over the years we have come across a tremendous collection of striking visual patterns, stunning compositions of matter and motion brought to us by nature itself. We have curated some of our finest work, from an esthetic point of view, and made an exhibition, so it is our pleasure now to turn public a selection of some of our most beautiful moments, in a virtual gallery, accessible to everyone.
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