Science is Art, Art is Science


Welcome to PoreLab virtual gallery exhibition: “The Art of Porous Media”!

Beauty can be found in the most ordinary of things. Some of the greatest scientists that ever lived endorse this viewpoint. Richard Feynman, in one of his many strokes of pure genius boldly spoke about the several layers of beauty that he – a curious observer of reality – could see in a flower. His “Ode to a Flower” is filled to the brim with the scientific and aesthetic joy. When scientists turn to art, they do not turn away from the study of reality. Albert Einstein himself once said “The greatest scientists are artists as well“. 
At PoreLab, the Porous Media Laboratory, we are lucky enough to work in a field in which one really does not need to look too much to find aesthetically pleasing images. Everything is beautiful if you look closely and carefully enough. Over the years we have come across a tremendous collection of striking visual patterns, stunning compositions of matter and motion brought to us by nature itself.  We have curated some of our finest work, from an aesthetic point of view, and made an exhibition, so it is our pleasure now to turn public a selection of some of our most beautiful moments, in a virtual gallery, accessible to everyone. PoreLab opened the exhibition in 2020. Each of the pieces in the virtual gallery is the result of the dedicated work of PoreLab’s researchers in trying to better understand the world around us.
The virtual exhibition has been a success and been viewed by many so far. it has been reported in Titan, in InterPore’s newsletter, and artists have ever been contacted by people interested in buying their art! Even though the pictures carry a good amount of scientific information, they re presented in the gallery quit simply as beautiful collages of shape and color. And may be are the most intriguing pieces of art also the most intriguing pieces of science?
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The PoreLab virtual gallery exhibition >>

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The physical counterpart of the PoreLab art exhibition is exposed during 2 weeks in front of the city hall in Oslo, Norway

We are delighted to announce that the PoreLab Art
Exhibition has finally gained the streets of Oslo!


In the past few months we have collected many of our most
beautiful images from experiments and simulations to set up a virtual porous
media art gallery (
Now, with the slow reopening of the society, we have decided to take the
gallery out from the screens and into the streets. For the next two weeks, starting June 7th, the
square right next to the Oslo City Hall is made even more beautiful with a
selection of 12 images of PoreLab’s Porous Media Art. If you have the chance to
walk around Aker Brygge in Oslo these days, we recommend you to grab some ice
cream, enjoy the Sun and let our exhibition fill your eyes!


We thank all PoreLab artists who contributed with their
beautiful works and to Mino Thorud, Kristian Olsen and Marcel Moura for
organizing the exhibition.