Invitation to the PoreLab course 1, “Theory and simulation of flow in complex media” (FYS 4465/FYS 9465 at UiO and KJ 8210 at NTNU)

The PoreLab course 1 on ” Theory and simulation of flows in complex media ” will be organized during the fall semester 2019. The courses are held in Oslo at the PoreLab video communication room in the Physics Building, University of Oslo, with a video connection in Trondheim from our meeting room at our PoreLab offices (S.P. Andersens vei 15 B, PTS2, 2nd floor.) every Tuesday (lectures) and Thursday (Group teaching) from 12:15 to 14:00.

Professor Eirik Flekkøy is the lecturer for this course.

First lecture is on August 20th and first group teaching in on August 29th.

PoreLab course 1: FYS4465/FYS9465 at UiO or KJ8210 at NTNU

Theory and simulation of flows in complex media

Background assumed: Equilibrium statistical mechanics.  Some students may know about diffusion/Langevin equations/basic theory of Onsager reciprocity relations, others will know the Boltzmann equation. Goal: Bring the student to understand the hydrodynamics of flows in porous media, including thermal gradients and concentration gradients. Also, the student will get a toolbox to simulate the flow in porous media on different scales. The course will support  the experimental course in PoreLab.

Liquid displacement: Pattern formed by one liquid displacing another in a flat, porous medium. In this experiment, every continuous area of liquid has its own color. Picture courtesy: Department of Physics, UiO.