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Read more about the reindeer nose and how it can help us studying energy efficiency

Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) have evolved elaborate nasal turbinate structures that are perfused via a complex vascular network. These are subject to thermoregulatory control, shifting between heat conservation and dissipation, according to the animal’s needs. The three-dimensional design of the turbinate structures is essential in the sense that they determine the efficiency with which heat and

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Vejen til frihed

Exit-strategi : Kan vi forhindre nye bølger af COVID-19 ved hjælp af såkaldt kontaktsporing? Ja, viser en gruppe forskere: Ved hjælp af overvågning, test og karantæne er det muligt at holde smitten i ave.Les artikkelen fra Gaute Linga og Kristian Stølevik Olsen, Postdok og  PhD kandidat fra institutt for fysikk ved Universitet i Oslo her: Figuren

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Two new INTPART projects at PoreLab

We are very happy to announce that two INTPART applications directly connected to PoreLab were selected for funding under the 2019 RCN call. INTPART – the “Programme for International Partnerships for Excellent Education, Research and Innovation” – aims at the development of long-term relations between Norwegian higher education and research institutions in a group of

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Open position at NTNU for a Professor or Associate Professor in physical chemistry

The department of Chemistry at NTNU is recruiting a Professor or Associate Professor in physical chemistry with special emphasis on non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Here is the link to the press release for the position: Application deadline: 15.06.2020 Advertisement here >>

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