Workshop on “Mechanics of geomaterials from micro to macro”, Grenoble, France, June 29-30, 2020

The University of Grenoble is organizing a short workshop on “Mechanics of geomaterials from micro to macro“, which will be held in Grenoble (France) on June 29 and 30, as a pre-event to the IACMAG conference in Torino.

This short event will be devoted to multi-scale numerical modelling in geotechnical engineering and geomechanics. The first half-day session will take place in the afternoon of June 29 at the European Synchrotron in Grenoble. The second half-day session, in the morning of June 30, will take place at Laboratoire 3SR on the Grenoble campus.

If you are interested to attend, we kindly ask you, for practical reasons, to pre-register by sending an e-mail to as indicated in the flyer, as soon as possible (and in any case before February 15)

A bus service to Torino, the IACMAG conference host city, can be arranged depending on the number of people who’re interested. Please express your possible interest in this bus service when sending your pre-registration e-mail.

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