Open Summer Job at PoreLab

PoreLab (Porous Media Laboratory) is offering one position for a summer job.

PoreLab is a Norwegian Research Council Center of Excellence created in 2017 and situated at NTNU in Trondheim, and the University of Oslo (UiO). The center’s objective is to develop a generalized statistical mechanics for porous media flow at the pore level which will give us an effective media description on the larger continuum scales like a generalized non-equilibrium thermodynamics for porous media flow. More information about PoreLab can be found at:

About the position

The aim of the summer job is to reformat a textbook written in LaTeX based on one set of style files into LaTeX based on the Cambridge University Press style files. The book’s authors are two Professors in physics from NTNU and UiO.

Practical information

  • Position is financed by PoreLab
  • 4 weeks of full-time work, with pay rate corresponding to student assistant salary system
  • Open to all students with background and skills listed under
  • Start-up in early to mid-June with some flexibility towards the student’s availability
  • For more information, contact:

Necessary skills and background

  • The student must have very good knowledge and experience with LaTeX.
  • The student must have a background in Physics (ideally the student is on Physics Bachelor level)
  • The student must have good written and oral skills in English
  • The student can work independently and in a structured way

How to apply?

Send a motivation letter, CV (including relevant skills and competence), and a grades-overview to before the deadline on 15.05.2020