PoreLab lecture on a (real) multi-scale solver for two-phase flow: a micro-continuum approach

When: Wednesday 2 December from 13:00 (Oslo time)

Title : A (real) multi-scale solver for two-phase flow: a micro-continuum approach

Speaker: Dr. Cyprien Soulaine

Affiliation: Associate Scientist at CNRS


Micro-continuum approaches are intermediate between a pure Navier-Stokes description of flow and transport and a continuum-scale model using Darcy’s law [1]. They use an unique formulation regardless the content of a grid cells, i.e. the same set of partial differential equations handles both pore-scale and Darcy-scale physics. Micro-continuum approaches are intrisincally two-scale allowing simulations with resolved and unresolved porosity in the same computational domain. For example, this hybrid-scale framework allows simulations in fractures (Stokes flow) surrounded by a porous matrix (Darcy’s law) [1]. It is therefore well-suited to simulate flow and transport in microtomography images that contain sub-voxel porosity [2]. The technique can also move fluid / solid boundaries in presence of geochemical processes such as dissolution or precipitation [3,4]. Recently, solid mechanics have been introduced into the framework to model the hydrology of soft porous media such as clays and elastic membranes [5].


The micro-continuum frameworks so far were limited to single-phase flow only. In this work, we propose a multi-scale solver for two-phase flow in porous media based on a multi-phase micro-continuum model. The model is rooted on the elementary physical principles and rigorously derived using the method of the volume averaging. Eventually, we obtain a single set of partial differential equations that can be used both at the pore-scale and the continuum-scale and also in hybrid-scale modeling for which the porosity in some regions of the computational domain is fully resolved while some other regions are unresolved. A particular attention is paid to derive an comprehensive physics in the porous domain including unsatured conditions, capillary and gravity effects. The two-phase micro-continuum framework is verified through a series of test cases where reference solutions exist. We show that the multi-scale solver converges to the standard Darcy-scale solutions (Buckley-Leverett, capillary-gravity equilibrium, drainage in heterogeneous reservoir) when it is used in a coarse grid, and converges to the two-phase Navier-Stokes solutions (droplet in a flat surface, capillary rise, drainage with film deposition, two-phase flow in a complex porous structure) when it is used at the pore-scale.



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Time: Dec 2, 2020 01:00 PM Oslo


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