Porous Media Tea Talk

The PorousMediaTTT team is  happy to invite you to the next Porous Media Tea Time Talks (#PorousMediaTTT) session on 23/02/2021 at 15.00 Oslo time / local time on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_LGREvJM1Q.


The two presentations are (banner attached):


Multiscale dynamics of colloidal particle deposition and erosion in porous media

By: Navid Bizmark, Princeton University, USA

  • Typical porous media are opaque, “black boxes”, so studies usually compare what comes out to what comes in and infer internal processes. We instead made transparent 3D porous media and visualized the dynamics of microparticles transport in situ.
  • As they are pushed along by fluid, particles can stick to the solid matrix, redirecting the flow. But that is not the end of story. If fluid pressure is large enough, particles break free, continue downstream, and get re-stuck, travelling longer distances than expected.
  • While chemical interactions influence where particles get stuck in a pore, the overall cyclic sticking-unsticking is due to fluid forces and arises for particles of different chemistries. We used particle trajectory simulations to flesh out this interplay between fluid forces and chemical forces.



Speed-ups for a new recursive parallel multiscale method for giant high-contrast porous media flow

By: Paola Ferraz, University of Campinas, Brazil

  • A general recursive formulation for a family of multiscale mixed methods for porous media flow.
  • A novel parallel (MPI) implementation in three spatial dimensions.
  • Excellent parallel scalability for very large problems, up to 2 billion cells.

The goal of the Porous Media TTT is to act as a complementary platform to the already very successful Geoscience and Geoenergy webinars with the focus placed on young professionals.


This year is bringing in many new challenges to the worldwide porous media community, and those challenges can be particularly harsh against those of us at an early career stage. As conferences worldwide are being cancelled or postponed, many of us are found with little practical outlet to advertise our recent work and interact with the broader scientific community. With that in mind, we, a team of young porous media researchers from different groups, have decided to create a virtual outlet, the Porous Media Tea Time Talks to help fill in that gap in form of a regular webinar.


The 30 min webinar, including two presentations (2 x 10 + 5 min) from speakers of different institutes, will occur fortnightly at varying times to accommodate researchers from around the world.


Please feel free to share and forward the invite. We are very much looking forward to seeing you online!

The PorousMediaTTT team is:

Catherine Spurin, Imperial College London, UK

Maja Rücker, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

Kamaljit Singh, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Tom Bultreys, Ghent University, Belgium

Mohammad Nooraiepour, University of Oslo, Norway

Marcel Moura, PoreLab, University of Oslo, Norway

Arjen Mascini, Ghent University, Belgium

Nara Brandão, Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil

Javier E. Santos, The University of Texas at Austin, USA