PoreLab lecture on Frictional fluid flow shaped by viscous and capillary forces

PoreLab is pleased to announce the PoreLab Lecture this Wednesday (May 19th) at 13:00 (Central Europe) on Zoom. To join, please follow the link below the abstract or add this event to your calendar by opening the attached calendar ics-file.

When: 19 May 2021 at 13:00 (CET)

Where: online (see below)

Title: Frictional fluid flow shaped by viscous and capillary forces

Speaker: Associate Professor Bjørnar Sandnes

Affiliation: College of Engineering, Swansea University, UK



Flow and mixing of fluids and granular materials occur in a wide range of processes: methane venting from ocean sediments, degassing of volcanic magma, industrial processing of petroleum, pharmaceuticals and foods are but some examples. In this talk we shall review what we have learned so far about the flow patterns that form when grain-fluid mixtures are displaced by another fluid. Frictional fingers form when the grains are wetted by the defending fluid (“drainage”) and get bulldozed away by the invading fluid. A typical example is air injected into glass beads in water. In this case the system is viscously (as well as frictionally) unstable, and viscous fingering can occur at high rates. But what would happen if we swapped the viscosity ratio and injected a “high” viscous fluid into a “low” viscous fluid while still in drainage (grains wetted by defending, low viscosity fluid). And what would happen if we started manipulating the wetting properties of the grains?

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