Welcome to Paula!

Dr. Paula Reis joined PoreLab at the University of Oslo in April 2022 as Postdoctoral fellow. Her position is financed for 2 years by the project FlowConn: Connectivity enhancement due to thin liquid  films in porous media flows. FlowConn is financed by the Research Council of Norway and is part of the program “Researcher project for Young Talents”. It was developed by Researcher Marcel Moura.

Paula got her PhD from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in May 2021. Her thesis was about the development of a compositional pore-network model for gas-condensate flow. 

Paula introduces her plan for her postdoc as follow:

“During my postdoctoral fellowship at PoreLab, I will investigate how the connectivity through thin liquid films affects drainage flows in porous media. Using computational methods, the flow of two-immiscible fluids will be modeled at the pore-scale, with a special focus on representing the enhancement of the wetting phase displacement promoted by the pathways formed by thin layers of liquid left behind the main drainage front. The numerical predictions will be compared directly with experimental data, also carried out under the PoreLab/Njord FlowConn project”