Welcome to Michael Rauter, new PhD candidate at PoreLab Trondheim!


Michael joined the PoreLab team on February the 1st as PhD candidate. He holds a Master degree within Process Engineering with a focus on Chemical & Electrochemical engineering and Device & Plant engineering from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. He graduated in December 2018. The focus of his studies was on numerical methods/simulation and equipment design (CAD/Strength Analysis). In parallel to his studies he worked as a scientific assistant on the topic of SPH simulation of bubble formation using an in-house code (C) at the department of Chemical Engineering, University of Stuttgart. Michael did his Master Thesis within the field of simulation of Lithium-Air batteries at NTNU.

His PhD will be about investigating how we can better understand the coupling of thermal and other driving forces for transport in porous media (such as chemical and mechanical forces). The mechanism of separation in the various regimes is of interest. The activity is central for the mission of PoreLab, which is to create a thermodynamic description of processes. Possible applications for water cleaning and renewable energy technology will be investigated.