Visitor to PoreLab: Welcome to Professor Alain Gibaud


Professor Alain Gibaud, from Le Mans Université, France, will visit PoreLab Trondheim and give a presentation entitled “Small angle x-ray analysis of mesoporous silica thin films” on January the 29th at 13:00 in our main area (PTS2, 2nd floor)



Small angle x-ray analysis of mesoporous silica thin films

Alain Gibaud

Le MANS Université, IMMM, UMR 6283 CNRS, Le Mans FRANCE


The synthesis of silica-based mesostructured materials by using supramolecular self-assembly of surfactant molecules to template the condensation of inorganic species has attracted considerable interest in the past decades. It is nowadays possible to make and control the organization of such materials at the nanoscale. X-ray reflectivity is a unique tool to investigate in a non intrusive way the electron density profile of such materials. I will show after a brief description of the x-ray reflectivity, SAXS and GISAXS techniques how they can be used to understand the porous structure of such materials. In addition, in-situ experiments of capillary condensation inside the pores will be described and I will show how the elastic modulus of such materials can be apprehended by the x-ray reflectivity technique.






X-ray reflectivity, unit cell of the  porous structure and GISAXS pattern of a mesoporous silica thin film (from left to right ).