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Presentation from TESCAN on August 18th

There is going to be an online presentation from Daniel Jensen, TESCAN at 13:00 on Tuesday 18th of August. Please feel free to join. The presentation is focusing on the unique TESCAN DynaTOM and it’s capabilities for in-situ dynamic testing. Continuous imaging and which advantages that entails over standard CT imaging techniques. Abstract: TESCAN DynaTOM

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Visit of Dr. Tom Bultrey, winner of the 2019 InterPore – PoreLab Award for young researchers, at PoreLab Trondheim

Dr. Tom Bultrey, winner of the 2019 InterPore-PoreLab award for young researchers, came for a short visit in PoreLab Trondheim in the period 13-17 January 2020. He came to visit different PoreLab teams and to scope out specific collaborative projects. The program for his visit can be found here. A workshop was organised on January 13th, 2020, in his

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Welcome to Xidong Wang at PoreLab Trondheim!

PhD candidate Xidong Wang PhD candidate Xidong Wang from Qingdao, China, will stay with us at PoreLab Trondheim during one year. He arrived on October 29th. Xidong started his PhD in 2016 at the China University of Petroleum and works on geological resources and engineering. His project’s title is: “Pore structure characterization by machine learning procedures”

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Welcome to Shaltiel Eloul at PoreLab Trondheim

Dr. Shaltiel Eloul Dr. Shaltiel Eloul, post-doc researcher at the department of Chemistry  at the University of Cambridge, UK, is coming to PoreLab Trondhim for 1 week, from October 28th to November 5th. Shaltiel is working with Professor Daan Frenkel. He is invited to Trondheim as part of the Onsager Professor position for Daan. Welcome!

Visit of Professor Peter Daivis to PoreLab Trondheim

Visit from Professor Peter Daivis to PoreLab Trondheim – From left to right: Bjørn Hafskjold, Dick Bedeaux, Miguel Rubi, Peter Daivis, Signe Kjelstrup, Faezeh Pousaneh, Olav Galteland, Astrid de Wijn, Michael Rauter Professor Peter Daivis, Department of Physics at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia, visited PoreLab on September 30 – October 4, 2019.

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Reserve the date for the Onsager Lecture 2019 with Professor Daan Frenkel!

The Onsager Lecture with Professor Daan Frenkel from Cambridge University is planned on November 7th from 14 to 15:00 in the auditorium F6 (Gamle Fysikk, Gløshaugen, NTNU, Trondheim) Welcome! Title: Entropy and Complex Self-Assembly. Abstract: A holy grail of nano-technology is to create truly complex, multi-component structures by self-assembly. Thus far, much of the experimental work has

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Guest Lecture, Dr. Nasiru Idowu

Dr. Nasiru Idowu, Chief reservoir engineer and Digital Rock Technology Expert at iRock Technologie ( , Trondheim, will give a presentation on “Reducing uncertainties in measured petrophysical data with high resolution 2D/3D Images” on Octobre 23rd, at 14:15, in PTS1, Room P11. Dr. Nasiru Idowu holds a PhD from Imperial college (2009). Since then he

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Guest lecture on “Anisotropic heat flow in shearing fluids by molecular dynamics simulations”

Professor Peter Daivis will give a lecture about “Anisotropic heat flow in shearing fluids by molecular dynamics simulations” at PoreLab premises (Valgrinda, PTS2, 2nd floor) on Wednesday, October 2nd, at 13:00. Professor Daivis is coming from the School of Science cluster, Physics department at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He is visiting PoreLab in Trondheim from

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Workshop planned during week 43 with James McClure from Virginia Tech

James McClure, computational scientist from Virginia Tech, USA, is visiting EQUINOR and IGP during the week 43. A workshop will be organised at IGP during his presence. Short bio: My research work is focused on the development of theoretical and numerical methods to study transport phenomena in porous media, especially using digital rock physics. Digital

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Guest lecture from Zoya Heidari from the University of Texas

The department of Geoscience and Petroleum is pleased to announce a talk by Zoya Heidari from the University of Texas at Austin. Title: Formation Evaluation and Rock Physics Model Development in Mixed-Wet Rocks Time: Friday 20th September, 14.15-15.00 Place: P10, PTS1, Valgrinda. Short bio: Zoya Heidari is an associate professor at Hildebrand department of petroleum

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Welcome to Danial Arab at PoreLab Trondheim

Welcome to Danial! Danial is a PhD candidate from the department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada. Danial is pursuing his PhD on the use of nanoparticles and chemicals to enhance recovery of heavy oil. He has received a grant for carrying out a portion of his research at NTNU/PoreLab.

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Welcome to Quirine Krol at PoreLab Trondheim

Quirine Krol got a grant for a Post-doc research fellow position at the College of Engineering, Montana State University in Bozeman for 2 years starting in April 2020 and working with Professor Sarah Codd. Quirine is coming from ETH Zürich, Institute of Environmental Engineering. She arrived at PoreLab Trondheim on August 27 and will remain

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Welcome to Edgar Javier Rueda at PoreLab Trondheim

Edgar Javier Rueda is a Master Student from the University of Campinas, Brazil. Edgar arrived at PoreLab Trondheim on August 8th and will stay with us at PoreLab Trondheim until the end of October. Edgar holds a bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering back in December 2015 from the Industrial University of Santander, Colombia. Currently, he

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