Presentation from TESCAN on August 18th

There is going to be an online presentation from Daniel Jensen, TESCAN at 13:00 on Tuesday 18th of August. Please feel free to join.

The presentation is focusing on the unique TESCAN DynaTOM and it’s capabilities for in-situ dynamic testing. Continuous imaging and which advantages that entails over standard CT imaging techniques.


New opportunities in dynamic 3D X-ray imaging in the lab
Daniel D. Jensen (1) and Lars-Oliver Kautschor (2)

1 Account Manager, NordicNano Solutions AB
2 Regional Product Manager, TESCAN XRE, Ghent, Belgium

Time-resolved 3D imaging with X-rays has rapidly emerged as an essential technique to understand materials evolution, facilitating in situ investigations ranging from mechanical deformation to fluid flow in porous materials and beyond. Imaging of dynamic processes is one of the key applications at synchrotron facilities, pushing the time resolution more and more down with quite some success. However, access to those facilities is often limited and operational cost are quite high.

In the laboratory, image quality and spatial resolution have been significantly improved, often at a cost of temporal resolution, however. TESCAN XRE have made it possible to visualize and inspect dynamic processes in the laboratory with a temporal resolution below 10 seconds. Technique, challenges, and possibilities in dynamic micro-CT imaging will be demonstrated here across geo science and O&G applications.