Presentation from Voxaya, specialist on 3D imaging and porous materials, at NTNU on Dec.3

Voxaya’ mission is to create efficient and easy-to-use software that aim at making 3D imaging technologies straightforward to the greatest number of users, engineers and researchers.

Dr. Olivier Rodriguez, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at Voxaya, is visiting NTNU on December 3rd and will give a presentation at 14:15, NTNU, Valgrinda, PTS1, room 162, on the latest development of the software Voxilon for Geosciences.

Key features:

  • Super fast absolute permeability
  • Effective diffusivity
  • Capillary pressure
  • Tortuosity
  • Total, effective and isolated porosity
  • Flexible asynchronous task manager
  • Easy-to-use 3D image processing
  • Intuitive 3D visualization