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Welcome to Philipp Rehner at PoreLab Trondheim

Philipp Rehner is a PhD Student from the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics and Thermal Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He arrived at PoreLab Trondheim on August 2nd and will stay with us until the end of October 2019. Philipp is working with Professor Joachim Groß back in Stuttgart. He will be working

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Visitor to PoreLab: Welcome to Professor Alain Gibaud

  Professor Alain Gibaud, from Le Mans Université, France, will visit PoreLab Trondheim and give a presentation entitled “Small angle x-ray analysis of mesoporous silica thin films” on January the 29th at 13:00 in our main area (PTS2, 2nd floor)   Abstract: Small angle x-ray analysis of mesoporous silica thin films Alain Gibaud Le MANS Université, IMMM, UMR 6283

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