3rd PoreLab Junior Forum

The 3rd edition of the PoreLab Junior Forum took place in the Physics Department at the University of Oslo on March 21st, 2019. Agenda is available here: Program_JF3The day started at 12 with the lunch, followed by a social event and ended with a dinner.

After the scientific part of the forum was completed, the juniors followed on with a set of social activities (including some pretty hectic shuffleboarding) and a dinner. The Junior Forum has established itself as an important platform for the integration of the junior members from both PoreLab hubs (Oslo and Trondheim) and the 4th forum is scheduled to take place in Trondheim in the Fall 2019.

The forum was initiated by a department colloquium by PoreLab PI Eirik Flekkøy titled “SFF PoreLab – what we do and why”. The talk served the purpose to introduce the mission and main activities of the SFF both to the new PoreLab junior members and to other research groups at UiO. The talk was followed by a discussion among the PoreLab juniors about a few topics, such as the Alumni network, the report from the SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) and the format of the Journal Club. The Project Investigators were indeed interested to gather the comments from the Juniors on these topics and asked for that a part of the Forum would be reserved for discussion. Conclusions and comments from the Juniors on these topics were presented during the PI meeting the very following day.

New members had some presentations during the afternoon.

Juniors reported that this 3rd forum was successful and that the format is working fine. It is important to reserve a few days per year such that the juniors from both Oslo and Trondheim meet and work together.

Introduction from Professor Eirik Flekkøy

Presentation from Beatrice Baldelli, Master student at the University of Oslo

Presentation from Seyed Ali Amiri, researcher at PoreLab Trondheim, NTNU















All gather for a social event at Buddha Sportsbar, followed by a dinner at the Mirabel restaurant, Oslo