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Christmas seminar at PoreLab Oslo

The Oslo hub of PoreLab finished its 2017 series of seminars with a special Christmas talk by Marcel Moura last Wednesday, 13th of December, at the University of Oslo. The talk included a direct measurement of the surface tension of gløgg (non-alcoholic gløgg has a much higher surface tension than the alcoholic counterpart), a very

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The Journal Club

In the regular Journal Club of the PoreLab, we discuss recent articles chosen and presented by one of its members. The journal articles may be from any field, providing us with a window into the rest of the research world. Typically, each participant can voice their view relating to several questions such as the appropriateness

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Welcome to the Grand opening of PoreLab – with historical significance

PoreLab invites to its kick-off meeting, its first international workshop to be held in Oslo from 6th to 8th September 2017. Lectures in various disciplines of porous media will be given by national and international invited speakers, followed by poster sessions. What can be more appropriate than having our grand opening at the historical Soria

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