Invitation to send abstract to the mini-symposia MS18 at InterPore 2020 Qingdao

Participants to the next InterPore2020 Conference, that will be held on May 25-28, 2019 in Qingdao, China, are invited to contribute an abstract to the mini symposium MS18 titled “Innovative methods for the characterization, monitoring, and in situ remediation of contaminated soils and aquifers“.

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Guidelines for abstract submission can be found at the conference URL-address:
The submission deadline is November 30, 2019.

MS 18: Innovative methods for the characterization, monitoring, and in situ remediation of contaminated soils and aquifers
The efficacy of methods used for the characterization, monitoring, and remediation of contaminated soils and aquifers is unavoidably associated with the multi-scale properties of unsaturated and saturated zones. The development of innovative, and cost-effective methods for (i) mapping and monitoring polluted soils and surface emissions from spread pollutants,  and (ii) in-situ soil and aquifer remediation, rely on information resulting from lab-, pilot-, and field-scale tests along with process modeling and simulation in porous media. Toward this direction, earlier and new knowledge concerning the multiphase and multi-component transport and reactive processes in multi-scale porous media must be handled in the light of interdisciplinary approaches (e.g. geology, chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, etc) for understanding, analyzing, and modeling the complex processes involved.  For this mini-symposium, we invite experimental and theoretical contributions that focus on the development, application, and interpretation of innovative techniques for the characterization / monitoring / in situ remediation  (e.g. biological treatment, thermal treatment, advanced oxidation, electro-remediation, nanoremediation, hybrid technologies, etc) of soils and aquifers at a broad hierarchy of scales ranging from the pore- to the field-scale.