The winner of the InterPore – PoreLab Award for young researchers in 2020 is Hamed Aslannejad

Based on the recommendation of the Awards Committee of the International Society for Porous Media (InterPore), Dr. Hamed Aslannejad has been selected to receive the InterPore – PoreLab Award 2020 for Young Researchers. Congratulations!

Hamed is a post-doc researcher at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. His current research concerns the interaction of water-based inks and paper in inkjet printing. Among other aspects, he investigates the motion of ink pigments into paper layers using pore-scale models. The research results will be used to develop a novel class of inks for high-quality inkjet printing. Hamed received his Ph.D. in January 2019, from Utrecht University with the distinction of cum laude (the highest distinction for a PhD degree in the Netherlands). His thesis was titled “Imbibition into a thin porous medium: an experimental and pore-scale modeling study of coated paper”. Hamed has 18 publications with a total citation count of 115.