Diego Kingston defended his thesis on June 9th

Congratulations to Diego Kingston who defended his thesis on June 9th, 2020. Diego was awarded his PhD with the highest distinction from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Diego had 2 research stays at PoreLab during the course of his PhD, a first period between Mars and May 2019, and a second period between September and November 2019, working with Professor Signe Kjelstrup and Professor Øivind Wilhelmsen on extending non-equilibrium theory to heterogeneous catalysis in distillation columns and to assess the importance of coupling between heat and mass transfer and interfacial transport in systems with highly porous materials.

The title of his PhD is: “Application of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics to the development of models of interest to Chemical and Material’s Science Engineering

The main supervisor of his PhD was Professor Adrián César Razzitte.