Open Postdoctoral Research fellow position in porous media physics at PoreLab, UiO

A four year position as Postdoctoral Research fellow in porous media physics is available at the Center of excellence PoreLab at the department of physics, University of Oslo.

Starting date is no later than January 1, 2021.

Deadline to apply for the job is 15 September 2020

The project is a collaboration between PoreLab and the Earth Physics Institute (IPGS), University of Strasbourg. 

The successful candidate will work on both theoretical, computational, and experimental aspects of fracturing, hydro-fracturing and multiphase flow in porous media. The experimental work involves laboratory tests of fracturing, pattern formation  and flow in porous  and deformable porous media.  Advanced data and image analysis methods will be employed to reveal the characteristics of the patterns and their evolution, and experimental results will be compared to analytical and numerical model predictions. 

Postdoctoral fellows who are appointed for a period of four years are expected to acquire basic pedagogical competency in the course of their fellowship period within the duty component of 25 %.

The main purpose of a postdoctoral fellowship is to provide the candidates with enhanced skills to pursue a scientific top position within or beyond academia. To promote a strategic career path, all postdoctoral research fellows are required to submit a professional development plan no later than one month after commencement of the postdoctoral period.

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