Welcome to Sebastian!

Sebastian Everard Nordby Price started his PhD on August 10th, 2020 at PoreLab NTNU. Sebastian holds a master in chemical engineering from NTNU. His project is part of the project “Ultrasound-mediated transport of nanoparticles in tissue: A predictive model” financed by the Research Council of Norway. This project was established by Professor Ruth Catharina de Lange Davies and Professor Signe Kjelstrup .
Sebastian presents his PhD project as follow:
Encapsulating the drug into nanoparticles (NPs) before transporting them to its target, is a common way to minimize the toxicity towards healthy tissue. However, a challenge in the use of NPs, is to achieve sufficiently dosage and homogenous distribution of the NPs in the target tissue. Lately, focused ultrasound (FUS) has been shown to improve the delivery of NPs and drugs.
I will in this project be working theoretically on developing models for transport of molecules through tissue/porous media from data given by Caroline Einen, who will be doing the experimental laboratory work. Our goal is to reveal the transport mechanisms for NPs in tissues, and create a predictive model for delivery of NP to tumours.”
Sebastian’s supervisors are Professors Anders Lervik and Signe Kjelstrup from the Chemistry department of NTNU, PhD candidate Magnus Gjennestad and Professor Ruth Catharina de Lange Davis from the department of Physics at NTNU.

Welcome Sebastian!