PoreLab Lecture Series 9 Sept.


Title : Multiscale modelling of transport in heterogeneous reactive media: conjugate transfer and surface reactions

Speaker: Dr. Federico Municchi

Affiliation: Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics, University of Nottingham



Asymptotic homogenisation is a powerful and versatile tool for the upscaling of transport and reaction equations in porous and heterogeneous media.

For example, Taylor dispersion in porous media has been approached in this way and examples in the literature deal with the problem of heterogeneous (surface) reaction. More recently, we extended the existing theory to the case of inhomogeneous surface reactions and developed a novel Generalised Multi-Rate Transfer (GMRT) model combining volume averaging and homogenisation to describe conjugate transfer processes at large scales. Generally, employing such procedures requires the solution of one or more cell problems to compute the parameters required in the upscaled model.

In this seminar, I will illustrate the use of two-scale asymptotic for the upscaling of transport in the presence of inhomogeneous surface reactions. I will also illustrate how problems involving conjugate transfer can be reduced to a system of ODEs coupled with a PDE governing the dynamics of large-scale fluctuations (the multi-rate model). Finally, I will show how these can be efficiently implemented in OpenFOAM.


The presentation will be broadcasted live and also recorded. It will be available on Porelab YouTube.

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