Vilde Bråten, ranked second in the national finale in Researchers Grand Prix!

Vilde Bråten, PhD candidate at PoreLab and at the department of Materials science and engineering at NTNU, was placed second in the national finale in Researchers Grand Prix


She hold a presentation on nanothermodynamics.

The contest consisted of one regional finale in Trondheim, Norway, and one National  finale. In both finals she presented two four minute presentations.

The presentations will be broadcasted on television around Christmas time.

Dr. Øivind Wilhelmsen, senior research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research and supervisor for Vilde, wrote the following “Vilde did an amazing job in communicating in a simple manner a topic which is super-complex. We are very proud of her!

The link for the first part of her presentation in the national finale can be found on this link: with her presentation at 1:06:09

and the link to her second presentation can be found on this link: with her presentation at 1:17:30

The link for the stream of the regional finale in Trondheim can be found on this link: where her two presentations can be found at 1:37:11 and 2:49:28.


Researchers’ Grand Prix is a passionate, fun, eventful competition focused on research communication. Researcher’s Grand Prix puts the spotlight on research communication, and helps to highlight the breadth of Norwegian research at the PhD level.

At the Regional finals, each participant has four minutes to present their research to a panel of judges and the public. Competitors are judged based on the quality of the presentation, and its structure and content. The audience first casts their votes electronically, after which three judges — one from academia, one from journalism / media and one from the performing arts  — award points based on their area of expertise.

The two best participants in the regional finals then advance to the national finals, where they compete with the two best regional finalists from Norway’s other universities.