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Listen to Alex Hansen talking about Ethics and Open Access

Science Conversations @NTNU are web-based conversations between active researchers on different topics. On November 4th, Alex Hansen was invited to the webinar on Ethics and Open Access – important when publishing. Follow the webinar here Conversation topics at the webinar Open access to research results is a requirement from granting authorities both nationally and internationally. This

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The PoreLab exhibition is exposed during 2 weeks in front of the city hall in Oslo, Norway

We are delighted to announce that the PoreLab Art Exhibition has finally gained the streets of Oslo!   In the past few months we have collected many of our most beautiful images from experiments and simulations to set up a virtual porous media art gallery ( Now, with the slow reopening of the society, we

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Vilde Bråten, ranked second in the national finale in Researchers Grand Prix!

Vilde Bråten, PhD candidate at PoreLab and at the department of Materials science and engineering at NTNU, was placed second in the national finale in Researchers Grand Prix Congratulations! She hold a presentation on nanothermodynamics. The contest consisted of one regional finale in Trondheim, Norway, and one National  finale. In both finals she presented two four

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Vejen til frihed

Exit-strategi : Kan vi forhindre nye bølger af COVID-19 ved hjælp af såkaldt kontaktsporing? Ja, viser en gruppe forskere: Ved hjælp af overvågning, test og karantæne er det muligt at holde smitten i ave.Les artikkelen fra Gaute Linga og Kristian Stølevik Olsen, Postdok og  PhD kandidat fra institutt for fysikk ved Universitet i Oslo her: Figuren

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Oumuamua, the first known interstellar visitor to our solar system, is a dust bunny

Professor Eirik Flekkøy from PoreLab University of Oslo explains the nature of Oumuamua under Popular Science. Read the article here: More articles about Oumuamua available here: Interesting Engineering: Newshub: And in French:

Dust bunnies in space!

Together with the astronomer Jane X. Luu, Njord and PoreLab UiO professors Eirik Grude Flekkøy and Renaud Toussaint, may have identified the solar system’s largest dust bunny.   Illustration: PoreLab/UiO (left) og Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 4.0 (right). It is an interstellar object, travelling through our solar system, never to return, and was first observed from Hawaii in October 2017. It’s

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Alex Hansen, Jonas Kjellstadli and Srutarshi Pradhan talk about concret in Gemini

Read the last research news from PoreLab in Gemini here. Det som ikke sprekker dem, gjør dem sterkere Noen materialer blir sterkere når de utsettes for påkjenninger. Men alt bryter sammen til slutt. Hvorfor er det sånn? Og når gir materialene etter likevel? Illustrasjon: Shutterstock, NTB Scanpix Av Steinar Brandslet Publisert 23.09.19 Det høres litt

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