PoreLab goes pink

PoreLab participated to the virtual Pink Ribbon Run 2020 both in Trondheim and Oslo. The Pink Ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness

About the run

Trondheim and Oslo, like many towns around the world, organize a yearly race to support the action. Due to Corona, the Pink Ribbon Run was organized “virtually” during the fall 2020. What does it mean?
It means that participants could run when they wanted (between 4 and 11 October) and registered their time themselves.The distances remained the same: 3 and 6 km. The Pink Ribbon Run is a fun, family event and all can participate.

Why a participation from PoreLab? 

At PoreLab we work on improving cancer therapy, therefore having a PoreLab-team at the Pink Ribbon Run is spot-on! We work on optimizing focused ultrasound to improve the delivery of drugs and nanoparticles carriers throughout the tumour interstitium.

PoreLab sponsored the registration for all participants from PoreLab.

It was a very fun day! Let us meet again next year for the Pink Ribbon Run 2021 !