Welcome to Tomislav!

Tomislav Vukovic started his PhD on August 3rd, 2020 at the department of Geoscience and Petroleum and PoreLab NTNU.
Tomislav presents his PhD project as follow:
The topic of my PhD is optimization of screening criteria for green enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods.  A well-designed screening process is crucial for the success of the green chemical EOR.  Currently there are many uncertainties in process induced by the oversimplification of the procedures or by the lack of full  understanding of the recovery mechanisms. Therefore the aim of my PhD is to describe oil mobilization process and recovery mechanisms in porous medium  based on the dynamic emulsification behavior in self-designed oil traps using 2D micromodels.  Additionally, zeta and streaming potential measurements will be utilized for the wettability alteration investigation. Extracted data will be used for the optimization of the screening criteria“.
His supervisors are: Associate Professor Antje van der Net (NTNU), Research scientist Umer Farooq (SINTEF Ocean AS) and Professor Ole Torsæter (NTNU)