Welcome to Hamidreza!

Dr. Hamidreza Erfani joined PoreLab in January 2021 as postdoctoral fellow. His position is financed through the newly established Researcher project “Pore Scale Simulations for Wettability Description“, a Petromaks project supported by the Research Council of Norway, and in close collaboration with the Queen Mary University of London (UK), the University of Oslo (Norway) and Virginia Tech (USA). As. Prof. Carl Fredrik Berg is the project leader.

Hamidreza introduces himself as follow:

I am currently working on modeling wetting phenomena in two-phase pore-scale simulations using the lattice-Boltzmann numerical method. We combine X-ray tomography experimental data and modeling results to validate the developed numerical schemes. I got my PhD from CEAS department at the University of Manchester, where I worked on multiscale reactive transport simulation in porous media, relevant to geothermal energy, geological CO2 storage, and enhanced oil recovery. I was also involved in other projects related to flow and transport in porous media such as microfluidic experiments, emulsion flow, chemical wettability alteration, etc.”