Hydrogen is coming – how can you benefit from it?

Message from Brunot G. Pollet, Professor of Renewable Energy at the Department of Energy and Process EngineeringFaculty of Engineering


Worth attending! We will also have 2 members of NTNU Team Hydrogen speaking!:-)

Mission Hydrogen is hosting the world’s largest hydrogen workshop next week, the Hydrogen Online Workshop (HOW). 24 hours straight, with incredibly good speakers and workshop leaders.

The HOW is free of charge. We expect around 15,000 participants from over 100 countries. You can register here: www.hydrogen-online-workshop.com.

Here are some of the keynote presentations:

✓ Dr. Graham Cooley, ITM Power, CEO: “How to scale up Green Hydrogen production

✓ Vaitea Cowan, Enapter GmbH, Co-Founder: “How to drive down the cost of green H2 with modular electrolysers“.

✓ Dr. Stefan Wolf, ElringKlinger AG, CEO: “How to lead a traditional automotive supplier into a sustainable future

✓ Daryl Wilson, Hydrogen Council, Executive Director: “How to Accelerate: Bold Action & Focused Support

✓ Dr. Zhongjun Hou, Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co, Ltd. (SHPT), Deputy General Manager: “How to scale up the hydrogen fuel cell solution for transportation

✓ Nikolas Iwan, H2 MOBILITY Germany, CEO: “How to build up a hydrogen infrastructure

✓ Cornelius Matthes, Dii Desert Energy, CEO: “How to produce the cheapest green hydrogen in the world. Desertec 3.0

Please find the full list of keynote presentations here: https://www.hydrogen-online-workshop.com/keynote-speakers/

The interactive workshops will also be unique in the world! Here are some of them:

✓ “How to model fuel cells and electrolyzers,” Annette Pahl, COMSOL, Inc.

✓ “How to meet the safety challenges of hydrogen“, Oliver Bornholdt, Dräger Safety

✓ “How to integrate further functionality in fuel cell stacks” Dr. Stefan Dwenger, Patrick Wilde and Halley Hui, ElringKlinger

✓ “How to fly with hydrogen” Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Kallo, German Aerospace Center DLR

✓ “How to provide sustainable power with hydrogen: in mobility and beyond” Soonil Jeon, Ronald Grasman, Hyundai Motor Company

✓ “How to start a career in hydrogen” Stephanie Azubike, IPHE Early Career Network, Dr. Rebecca Maserumule, Government of South Africa, Dr. Jacob Leachman, Washington State University (WSU) and Mirela Atanasiu, FCH JU

✓ “How to scale up high pressure compression – goal: 500 bar+?“, Prof. Dr. Klaus Hoff, Patrick McCalley, Neuman&Esser

✓ “How to meet the requirements of the transportation industry” Prof. Dr. Manfred Loidold, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

✓ “How to refuel a hydrogen bus“, Manfred Greisel, Wenger Engineering GmbH

✓ “How to ensure the quality of hydrogen fuel dispensed from HRS?“, Thor Anders Aarhaug, SINTEF Industry, Thomas Bacquart, National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

✓ “How to manage & distribute large H2 volumes to mobility consumers”, Thorsten Harder, Burckhardt Compression.

Please find the full list here: www.hydrogen-online-workshop.com/workshop-speakers/

Free of charge. Register here: www.hydrogen-online-workshop.com.

Please also forward this email to your colleagues who have or will have hydrogen touchpoints.

In the unlikely event that you can’t attend 24 hours straight, I have good news for you: you can still get the recording and slides at an early bird price until March 24 here: https://www.hydrogen-online-workshop.com/tickets/
See you next Thursday from 09:00 to Friday 09:00 CET!

PS: Register here for free: www.hydrogen-online-workshop.com (we are currently at about 9,500 registrations).
PS2: Please don’t forget to forward this email to your colleagues.