Professor Daniel Bonn wins Physica Prize 2021 – Congratulations!

Professor Daniel Bonn of the University of Amsterdam was awarded the Physica Award 2021 by the Dutch Physical Society.

Congratulations !

Professor Daniel Bonn is a member of the PoreLab Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). He is a well-know expert in soft matter. He contributed to the understanding of complex fluids. He contributed as well to many practical problems, such as blood spot analysis, spraying pesticides and how the egyptions build their pyramids. Recently he focused on the spread of SARS-COV-2 via aerosols. 

Bonn receives the prize at the online conference FYSICA 2021 on Friday 16 April when he will give the Physica Lecture

The Physica Award is awarded yearly to an eminent physicist working in the Netherlands, after consultation with representatives of the physics community in the Netherlands, by a jury consisting of the chair of the Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging, the Stichting Physica and a previous winner.

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